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Project Launches July 22, 2022 
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I came up with the definition for Islamime in 2021 after reflecting on how I failed when pitching my Anime series MultiFacet.


“The trailer looks amazing, I’d love to learn more.”


It was 2018, and I had walked backstage at Anime Expo in Los Angeles to introduce myself to a senior anime executive at Netflix.


Years of toiling and I had gotten an impromptu pitch with the biggest streamer in the world.


This was my shot I thought...

…and I blew it!


Because I was scared to tell the truth. That my anime MultiFacet was inspired by my conflicted Muslim identity and at its core was about a sci-fantasy anime world where Islam is a contested definition.

The truth is, I wanted to use my anime to fight the Islamophobia that I encountered on my first day of university in Toronto: September 11th, 2001. But looking back, I now see that I would self-sabotage my own pitches with places like Netflix, WarnerMedia and others because of the Islamophobia within me.

This Islamophobia that came from decades of consuming whitewashed pop culture references where Muslims and people of colour were the villain. So instead of pitching a scarf- wearing ass-kicking complex Muslim female who tries to unite a world at war, I hid her.

I am done hiding. 

I hope you are too.

On July 22nd 2022 I am going to facilitate an opportunity for

Muslim creatives and Non-Muslim allies to help crowd-build

the world's first Islamime. It will take place on LaunchGood

the world's Muslim creative crowdfunding platform. 

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Muslim nerds aren't niche. We are next.

-Nadir Shirazi June 22,2022
Facilitator of the Islamime Incubator &

Creator of The MultiFacet Anime

Art, Creative, and Animation by Rune Entertainment Inc.

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That's me trying to be cool...
...that's my 14
year old anime obsessed son reminding me I'm not.
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